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First Aid

First Aid

Bedford Junior Blues (BJB) has a responsibility towards the health and safety of those people who use the club facilities. During rugby activities, in common with all sports, players, officials or spectators may suffer injury or sudden illness. While the arrangements for spectators and officials are likely to be the same as for any other sport, because rugby is a full contact sport, the arrangements for players will need to reflect this. It is the club’s responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place so that participants receive appropriate immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill, and as appropriate, until the emergency services arrive.

In order to provide a safe environment in which the game can be enjoyed by all, every team should have a nominated Emergency First Aider with basic first aid training, either Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union (EFARU) or the HSE Emergency First Aider at Work (EFAW), to provide help to any injured or ill player until more expert help arrives. This training is suitable for any member of the team management, coaching staff or a volunteer, however the club and RFU recommends that the first aiders in a squad are not solely coaches. Having a number of individuals trained to this level will ensure that this basic level of cover is available at all matches and training sessions.

First Aiders are trained to:

  • Take charge when someone is injured or ill, including calling an ambulance if required;
  • Provide emergency first aid to injured or ill persons until more expert help arrives;
  • Look after the first aid equipment, e.g. restocking the first aid box.

They should not attempt to give first aid for which they have not been trained.

All first aiders should familiarise themselves with the RFU’s guidelines relating to concussion, which are shown here.

Injury Reporting
First aiders are required to record incidents either, during a game or training session or immediately afterwards that need their attendance, including those where an individual goes to an Accident or Emergency Department and is allowed home from there. First aiders are provided with a book to record these incidents by the club and this is kept in the first aid bag.

Reportable (Serious) Injury Events
These are defined as:

  • An injury which results in the player being admitted to a hospital (this does not include those that attend an Accident or Emergency Department and are allowed home from there).
  • Deaths which occur during or within 6 hours of a game or training finishing.

Clubs are also required to report injuries in which artificial grass pitches are involved.

Reportable Injury Event Protocol – In the event of a serious injury occurring, which fulfils one of the above definitions, after providing immediate first aid and arranging transport by ambulance to hospital, the following protocol is to be followed:
1. Contact the First Aid Co-ordinator and advise them of all the details.
2. The First Aid Co-ordinator must phone the Sports Injuries Administrator Helpline as soon as the seriousness of the player’s condition is confirmed and certainly within 48 hours of the game or training session.
The First Aid Co-ordinator is Roni Bickers Email: Mobile: 07957 642891

Another useful document for first aiders to be aware of is the BJB Emergency Card for 2018-19, a copy of which can be downloaded from this page. This is a description of what to do in various emergencies, with key Club contact details.

Updated: Aug 2018


BJB Emergency Card 2018-19


RFU Reportable Serious Injury Form