Registration: Frequently Asked Questions
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3. Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of responses to the FAQ. If you have a question that you would like a response to please contact the web master.

How do I register/pay for my child?Please read and follow the instructions shown here
How do I update my player details for this season?.If you are a current parent member of Bedford Junior Blues with a login on Pitchero, please make sure you have checked and updated your player membership details if they have changed since last season. You can access your personal details and update them for this season at: Update your Details Here.
When I click on the Shop/Payments menu, why am I prompted to loginThat is correct. In order to register a player you need to be logged in as a Parent. If you don't already have a login, you will need to register by clicking "Sign up now for Free". Once you have registered as a parent it may take up to 24 hours for your registration to be approved by the web master before you can start the registration process for your child.
I am trying to register my sons for this coming season but am finding the payment process rather ambiguous. Does the application need to be in my sons' name, even though it then puts their names as the account holder for the payment details? It doesn't differentiate between who the membership is for and who is paying for it.Junior Player membership must be applied for by the players parent/guardian. The adult should update/create their Bedford Junior Blues pitchero account which has data fields to capture the players name and current age group. Payment is then made from the adult account in the name of the child. Our membership secretary will ensure that the player details are captured and provided to the appropriate age group. If you have more than one child registering, please provide their details in the Sibling field
Do I need a Paypal Account to pay online?No. Anyone with a bank debit card or credit card current account can use the Stripe service.
My online payment failed, what should I do?Please contact the Membership Secretary at the Club who can help you.
Who do I provide my players photos to?Two passport sized photographs are required, which are to be given to your age group Parent Rep or Team Manager, for your RFU membership card. These passports photographs must each have the player’s full name and date of birth on the reverse.
As an age group Parent Rep, how do I get the contact details of the children/parents in my age group?Each age group Team Admin can see the details of their Age Group online.
My online payment failed to be taken by Stripe. What should I do?You will be contacted by the Club Treasurer and we will help you to pay online. Only one payment will be taken.
I have registered online but do not have a facility to pay onlinePlease transfer funds direct into Junior Blues Bank Account. Account number: 91230662, Sort code: 40-10-02. Please ensure that the reference is your players surname/age group. If you need further information, please speak to the Club Treasurer
I don't have internet access to register online.There will be a facility to access the internet at the club on Sundays at the club…payment will be as above.